Another down fall of mine, I've never cared how I appear to any one. I know my heart. Most of the human population wants to hear the bad and the negative about someone. Maybe because there is only negative in their lives, I don’t know. If every time someone says something negative to you, you respond with something positive, they will either stop talking negative around you or just stop talking to you. If they stop talking to you they weren't worth having in your life, your better off.




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Once you remove negative people from your life, you will see more positive than you ever imagined was there. It's hard removing people from your life that you love and care about, but if they are sucking the life out of you, with negativity and neediness it is emotional suicide to keep them there.

......but no one wants to admit to such horrid acts.  Some people need to, to heal. To want to heal you have to realize your damaged and hurt. You have to admit it and stop lying and hiding behind what you want others to think of you.

.......really everyone knew if they would have thought about it. Most people involved with my parents are easily swayed. They believe what my parents want them to believe. My parents want to be around people who are dependent on them. People they can manipulate.

........I see now that most people want to believe in perfection. Even though they preach Christ is the only perfect being, they want to always imagine perfection in their lives and others.