A Friends Message After Reading The Book

09/26/2011 05:57


Morning Sister! I am still processing what I have read. I am so sorry for what you had to endure, and I can't imagine what life must have been like. Although I knew yoru dad was a big believer in "corporal punishment", I never knew it was like that. If I, or my mom had known, something would have happened, and maybe it would have done no good, but it would have been known. I remember one time I stayed the night in Pittsburgh, and your dad came in the room and Jodie wasn't doing anything that I thought was bad, or too loud or whatever, and I remember him coming in with a belt, and she didn't even say anything, just took her pants down and bent over the bed. I never stayed again. It scared the hell outta me! I don't know how you stayed sane until you got out of there, but We are so proud that you have finally found happiness in your life, and are just proud of you. We love you , and your dad use to say shit about how the day he went before the judge he told him yes sir I did spank her, and I will do it again. Did I beat her, no. If she can't behave and does the bad things she keeps doing, she will be punished, and laughs as he tells us how the judge agrees that you needed the discipline. Your dad is someone I could never like. I know he's your dad, but damn. Just because he wanted to be with my mom, he thought it was ok to talk shit about my dad. Excuse me, my dad may have had his issues at the end,(Which were due to my sister) but he was a good father. The ONLY reason my mom left him was because she thought it would scare him into stopping drinking. She didn't realize he was as sick as he was. I don't even know if I can go into your mother. Fucking bitch. And trust me that's about the nicest thing I can say about her. She can rot for all I care. I specifically remember her standing in our doorway and talking all christian and the next thing out of her mouth was that Conway Twitty was her "idol". I guess she caught what she was saying and retracted how not an idol before God, but on earth. My parents did kind of see thru them a bit, and when my dad got sick it was easy to get away from them. There were many years we had no idea what was up with them. I would see you and Jodi at school, and thought all was well. Just living life like we were. Everyone has their problems. Not like that! My mom hasn't gotten to read it yet, but says she can't wait and will be the first one to buy it. She keeps asking me about it, and when I tell her, she says omg, that makes me feel bad that I didn't help her. I said mom you couldn't have known. They always made it seem like you were this wild child who needed put in line more than others. we just want you to know we are always here, and wish we could have gotten you out. I am so sorry. I do hope you are working on your next book. I know this is therapy for you. If you need anything, we are always here. We love you.